KPN Travels India Limited operates bus services in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, and Karnataka. With a widespread presence across South India, the company is favored by numerous customers for their travel needs. Over 38 years in the public transportation sector, KPN Travels has achieved significant milestones. Its headquarters in Salem has been the hub of operations for the past four decades.

The company provides excellent service through well-maintained coaches and dedicated employees. Under the leadership of Managing Director Dr. K.P. Natarajan, KPN Travels’ strength lies in its commitment to providing top-notch service. The company’s luxury buses are recognized on major highways across South India, reflecting their dedication to punctuality and customer satisfaction.

KPN Parcel Service, known as KPN Speed Parcel Service, is a well-known courier company that provides efficient parcel delivery solutions. In this article, we will explore how to track your parcels using KPN Speed Parcel Service, delve into the company’s background, and understand the services they offer to customers. Let’s uncover the details of KPN Speed Parcel Service!

How to Tracking Your KPN Parcel:

When you book a parcel through KPN Speed Parcel Service, you receive a document containing essential information such as the consignment number, AWB number, courier number, lorry receipt or goods receipt, tracking number, and docket number. Currently, online tracking services are not available. To check your parcel’s status, you can contact the customer care number provided by the company.

Contacting Customer Care:

To inquire about your parcel’s status, you need to call the customer care number below. Once connected, provide the required details such as your Mobile Number, Tracking ID, Order Number, or LTL Shipment Number. After verification, you will receive information about your consignment’s current status.

Customer Care Number: Phone: 0427 – 4555555 Email:

Contact Information for KPN Speed Parcel Service:

Complaints or issues related to parcel booking

If you have any complaints or issues related to parcel booking, tracking, lost parcels, or any other services with KPN Parcel Service, you can follow the methods outlined below:


You will need to email them with a detailed description of your issue along with screenshots if necessary. The customer care representatives of KPN Parcel Service will contact you to help resolve your problem.

Additionally, apart from the email address mentioned above, you can also get in touch with the company’s customer care number to share your concerns:

Customer Care Number: Phone: 0427 – 2333333

शिकायत / समस्या कैसे दर्ज करें?

यदि आपको KPN Parcel Service पार्सल बुकिंग, ट्रैकिंग, गुम पार्सल के साथ कोई शिकायत / समस्या है या सर्विस ओं के संबंध में शिकायत दर्ज करना चाहते हैं तो आप KPN Parcel Service को पर अपनी समस्या का पूरा विवरण और स्क्रीनशॉट के साथ ईमेल कर सकते हैं । KPN Parcel Service कस्टमर केयर प्रतिनिधि आपकी समस्या को हल करने में मदद के लिए आपसे संपर्क करेगा।

सवाल आपके जवाब हमारे
KPN Parcel Service का Customer Care नंबर क्या है?

Customer Care Number: Phone: 0427 – 4555555 या

KPN Parcel Service का Helpline नंबर क्या है?

Helpline Number: Phone: 0427 – 4555555 या

KPN Parcel Service का Contact नंबर क्या है?

Contact Number: Phone: 0427 – 4555555 या

केपीएन पार्सल सर्विस ट्रैकिंग का नंबर क्या है?

Tracking Number Phone: 0427 – 4555555 या Email:info@kpnparcel.

ये ब्लॉग केवल KPN Parcel Service Tracking के बारे में जानकारी देने के लिए लिखा गया है अगर आपको कंपनी के बारे में पूरी जानकारी चाहिए तो आप कंपनी के वेबसाइट या कस्टमर केयर से ले सकते है. हमारे ब्लॉग में त्रुटि हो तो हमें कमेंट करे जिसे उसे हटाया या सुधार किया जा सके।

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