List of Upcoming Elections in India State WiseList of Upcoming Elections in India State Wise

As we step into a new era of governance and democracy, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics of state elections that shape the political landscape of our diverse nation. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at recent and upcoming state elections, highlighting key details and trends that define the democratic process in various regions.

No.State NameElection YearCurrent TenureTotal ACTotal PCTotal Rajyasabha
1Telangana202317 Jan, 2019 – 16 Jan, 2024119177
2Andhra Pradesh202412 June, 2019 – 11 June, 20241752511
3Arunachal Pradesh20243 June, 2019 – 2 June, 20246021
4Odisha202425 June, 2019 – 24 June, 20241472110
5Sikkim20243 June, 2019 – 2 June, 20243211
6Haryana20244 Nov, 2019 – 4 Nov, 202490105
7Maharashtra202427 Nov, 2019 – 26 Nov, 20242884819
8Jharkhand20256 Jan, 2020 – 5 Jan, 202581146
9Delhi202524 Feb, 2020 – 23 Feb, 20257073
10Bihar202523 Nov, 2021 – 22 Nov, 20252434016
11Assam202621 May, 2021 – 20 May, 2026126147
12Kerala202624 May, 2021 – 23 May, 2026140209
13Tamil Nadu202611 May, 2021 – 10 May, 20262343918
14West Bengal20268 May, 2021 – 7 May, 20262944216
15Puducherry202616 June, 2021 – 15 June, 20263011
16Goa202715 Mar, 2022 – 14 Mar, 20274021
17Manipur202714 Mar, 2022 – 13 Mar, 20276021
18Punjab202717 Mar, 2022 – 16 Mar, 2027117137
19Uttarakhand202729 Mar, 2022 – 28 Mar, 20277053
20Uttar Pradesh202723 May, 2022 – 22 May, 20274038031
21Gujarat202712 Dec, 2022 – 11 Dec, 20271822611
22Himachal Pradesh202712 Dec, 2022 – 11 Dec, 20276843
23Meghalaya202823 Mar, 2023 – 22 Mar, 20286021
24Nagaland202823 Mar, 2023 – 22 Mar, 20286011
25Tripura202823 Mar, 2023 – 22 Mar, 20286021
26Karnataka202817 May, 2023 – 16 May, 20282242812

Telangana – A Pioneering Start:

The year 2023 witnessed the conclusion of elections in Telangana, setting the stage for the next five years of governance. With 119 Assembly Constituencies, 17 Parliamentary Constituencies, and 7 Rajya Sabha seats, Telangana showcased the vibrancy of its democratic spirit.

Andhra Pradesh – A Glimpse into 2024:

Moving ahead, Andhra Pradesh is gearing up for elections in 2024, with a tenure that commenced on June 12, 2019, and is set to conclude on June 11, 2024. The state boasts 175 Assembly Constituencies, 25 Parliamentary Constituencies, and 11 Rajya Sabha seats. The political dynamics of Andhra Pradesh promise an interesting electoral journey.

List of Upcoming Elections in India State Wise
List of Upcoming Elections in India State Wise

Arunachal Pradesh and Odisha – Eastward Bound:

In the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, the year 2024 marked the culmination of its electoral cycle, featuring 60 Assembly Constituencies, 2 Parliamentary Constituencies, and 1 Rajya Sabha seat. Similarly, Odisha, with its rich cultural heritage, saw the completion of elections in 2024, contributing to the democratic mosaic of our nation.

Sikkim, Haryana, and Maharashtra – Diversity in Unity:

Sikkim, Haryana, and Maharashtra, despite their geographical and cultural diversity, all faced elections in 2024. Sikkim, with 32 Assembly Constituencies, 1 Parliamentary Constituency, and 1 Rajya Sabha seat, showcased the essence of a small yet significant state. Haryana and Maharashtra, with 90 and 288 Assembly Constituencies respectively, played pivotal roles in shaping the political narrative of North and West India.

Jharkhand, Delhi, and Bihar – Continuity and Change:

The year 2025 marked elections in Jharkhand, with 81 Assembly Constituencies, 14 Parliamentary Constituencies, and 6 Rajya Sabha seats. Delhi, the national capital, with 70 Assembly Constituencies, 7 Parliamentary Constituencies, and 3 Rajya Sabha seats, also witnessed a democratic renewal. Bihar, with 243 Assembly Constituencies, 40 Parliamentary Constituencies, and 16 Rajya Sabha seats, further strengthened its role in the Indian political spectrum.

Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal – The Southern and Eastern Frontiers:

In 2026, the southern states of Assam, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, along with West Bengal in the east, navigated through the electoral process. With varying numbers of Assembly and Parliamentary Constituencies, these states contributed significantly to the diverse political tapestry of our nation.

Puducherry, Goa, and Manipur – Union Territories and Emerging States:

Puducherry, Goa, and Manipur, with their unique characteristics, participated in the electoral process in 2026 and 2027. These regions, though distinct in their political landscapes, share a common commitment to democracy.

Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh – The Heartland Dynamics:

The states of Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh, with their historical significance, witnessed elections in 2027. These states, with varying numbers of Assembly and Parliamentary Constituencies, continue to shape the political narrative of North India.

Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh – The Western Perspective:

In 2027, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, two states with diverse landscapes and cultural identities, embraced the democratic process. With 182 and 68 Assembly Constituencies respectively, they played crucial roles in defining the political contours of Western India.

Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, and Karnataka – Embracing 2028:

As we look ahead to 2028, the states of Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, and Karnataka are preparing for their turn in the electoral arena. With varying numbers of constituencies, these states are poised to contribute to the democratic discourse in their unique ways.

State elections in India are a testament to the diversity and strength of our democratic fabric. As each state goes through its electoral cycle, it adds a new chapter to the ever-evolving narrative of Indian politics. The vibrancy of these elections reflects the essence of democracy, where every citizen’s voice has the power to shape the future. As we eagerly await the outcomes of upcoming elections, let us celebrate the spirit of democracy that unites us all.


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