prozo cold storage facility in Krishnapatnamprozo cold storage facility in Krishnapatnam

Prozo Second Cold Storage Facility in Tamil Nadu: In a significant development for the logistics and seafood industry in India, Prozo has inaugurated its second enterprise-grade cold storage facility in Krishnapatnam, Tamil Nadu. This state-of-the-art facility is strategically positioned in close proximity to major seafood hubs along the East Coast, serving both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Meeting the Growing Demand

The opening of this advanced cold storage facility by Prozo comes at a time when there is a surging demand for technology-driven seafood cold storage solutions due to the expansion of the food and allied businesses. This facility is set to play a crucial role in meeting this growing demand and enhancing the seafood supply chain in the region.

Prime Location

The location of the facility is strategically chosen to optimize its effectiveness. Prozo Second Cold Storage Situated approximately 25 kilometers from the nearest Highway NH16, it enjoys easy connectivity to major transportation routes. It is also conveniently located 30 kilometers from Nellore, 115 kilometers from Sri City, 170 kilometers from Chennai, and 700 kilometers from Vizag, making it accessible to key business and export hubs.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The newly opened Prozo facility boasts impressive specifications. It covers an extensive area of 30,000 square feet with a remarkable clear height of 39.8 feet, ensuring ample space for storage and operations. Moreover, it adheres to all safety and security norms, providing a secure environment for storing valuable seafood products.

Specialized for Seafood

Designed with a specific focus on seafood storage, the facility maintains temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius to ensure the freshness and quality of stored products. With 10 chambers, each equipped with the capability to store 280 pallets in G+4 heavy-duty racking, Prozo’s cold storage facility offers efficient and organized storage solutions.

A Visionary Approach

Ashvini Jakhar, the Founder and CEO of Prozo, expressed the facility’s mission to support seafood producers, exporters, and distributors. By preventing wastage and offering reliable storage and logistics solutions, Prozo aims to contribute significantly to the seafood industry’s growth and sustainability.

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A Robust Fulfilment Network

Prozo’s commitment to excellence extends beyond this new facility. Their fulfilment network spans an impressive 30 centers across 12 locations in India, covering an expansive 1.5 million square feet. This extensive network underscores Prozo’s dedication to providing top-tier logistics solutions to businesses across the nation.

In conclusion ,Prozo Second Cold Storage: Prozo’s new enterprise-grade cold storage facility in Krishnapatnam is a testament to the company’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the seafood and logistics industries. With its strategic location, cutting-edge infrastructure, and visionary leadership, Prozo is poised to make a significant impact on the seafood supply chain in India.

For more information about Prozo and their services, including customer care, we recommend visiting their official website or contacting them directly through their provided contact details.

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