Applying for a Bank of India credit card is a straightforward process that begins with submitting your application form and necessary documents. After this step, you’ll receive a reference or application number that serves as your key to tracking the progress of your credit card application. Here are the various methods through which you can conveniently monitor your Bank of India credit card application status:

Checking Bank of India Credit Card Status Online:

  • Visit the link:
  • Enter your provided reference number and the code displayed.
  • Click on the ‘Check Now’ button.
  • You’ll be able to view the current status of your credit card application.

Checking Bank of India Credit Card Application Status Offline:

  • Visit the nearest Bank of India branch.
  • Present the reference number given to you during the application submission.
  • Bank staff will assist you in checking the status of your credit card application.

Alternative Methods for Checking Credit Card Status:

  • Through Phone:
    • Call the Bank of India Credit Card toll-free number at 1800 103 1906 or the toll-free COVID support number at 1800 220 229.
    • Alternatively, use the non-toll-free number 022 – 40919191 to inquire about your credit card application status.
    • These numbers are operational around the clock, ensuring you can get updates at your convenience.
    • Make sure to have your reference number ready to provide when asked.
  • General Credit Card Inquiries:
    • For any credit card-related queries, call 1800 220 088 or use the landline numbers (022) 40426005/40426006.
    • These numbers serve as a helpline for all credit card concerns, including checking the application status.
Using Air Way Bill Number:

Once your credit card is approved, you’ll receive a letter containing the Air Waybill number of the shipment carrying your card. You can track your card’s journey using this number:

  • Visit the official website and select “Track your credit card.”
  • Enter your Air Way bill number.
  • After verification, track your card’s location and delivery ETA.

Offline Application Status Check:

For those without internet access, you have offline options:

  • Call the 24X7 credit card customer care or visit a Bank of India branch.
  • Provide your e-reference number, application form number, and date of birth.
  • Bank executives will assist you in tracking your application status.

Tracking by Date of Birth:

For a quick status check, you can use your date of birth:

  • Visit the official website or download the Bank of India app.
  • Choose “Track your credit card.”
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • After verification, view your application status.
Here’s a list of Bank of India Credit Cards along with their features and benefits:
  1. Bank of India Navy Classic Credit Card:
    • Exclusively for Indian Navy members.
    • Offers a cashless banking experience.
    • Lifetime free card with various benefits and reward schemes.
  2. Bank of India Navy Gold Credit Card:
    • Tailored for top Navy officers.
    • Provides exclusive privileges and benefits.
    • Eligible for reward points and EMI options.
  3. Bank of India TAJ Premium Card:
    • Designed for TAJ Group members.
    • Offers special privileges and purchase offers.
    • Lifetime free card with affordable interest rates and high credit limits.
  4. Bank of India Visa Gold Card:
    • Focuses on ease of banking and expense management.
    • Rewards for shopping.
    • Features Visa programs, EMI conversion, balance transfer, and more.
  5. Bank of India Visa Gold Card International Card:
    • Ideal for travelers.
    • Provides services, offers, and banking options globally.
    • Offers revolving credit, rewards program, insurance premium concession, and more.
  6. Bank of India Visa Platinum Privilege Card:
    • Offers flexible credit limits.
    • Provides add-on cards for family members.
    • Cash withdrawal facility and EMI options.
    • Concessions on medi-claim policy premium.
  7. Bank of India Credit Card for Pensioners:
    • Designed for pensioners and senior citizens.
    • Offers convenience with affordable interest rates and EMI options.
    • Discounts on insurance premiums.
    • 24/7 customer helpline.
  8. India Card – Bank of India:
    • A credit card catering to general banking needs.
    • Likely to offer a range of features including rewards, purchase options, and more.

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