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Pavan Courier Service Private Limited is a courier company that offers delivery solutions with a team of experienced professionals. The company aims to provide efficient and timely delivery services to meet unique shipping needs.

Pavan Courier Tracking:

To track your Pavan Courier parcel, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Track Your Parcel” link provided in the text.
  2. A popup window for Pavan Courier Tracking will open.
  3. Enter your AWB / Docket / GC number.
  4. Click on the “Submit” button. You will then be able to see the delivery status of your parcel.

Customer Care Number

For inquiries and tracking assistance, you can contact Pavan Courier’s customer care at the following number: Phone: 7720028095 or email them at When you call, provide details such as your mobile number, tracking ID, order number, or LTL shipment number to get information about your consignment’s status.

Courier Services Provided:
  • Domestic Service
  • International Service
  • Fast Track Service
  • Logistics Service
  • Special Care Service
Items Not Accepted for Booking:
  • Agneyastra, its components, and explosives
  • Items classified as hazardous by IATA
  • Dead bodies, last rites items, or unclothed remains
  • Gambling equipment: lottery tickets and gambling tools prohibited by national, regional, state, or local laws
  • Live animals and plants (Note: Cut flowers are acceptable to Canada)
  • Currency (coins, cash currency, paper currency, and counterfeit notes)
How to Register a Complaint / Issue:

If you have any complaints or issues related to Pavan Courier parcel booking, tracking, lost parcels, or services, you can register your complaint by emailing Pavan Courier at Provide a detailed description of your issue along with screenshots if necessary. A Pavan Courier customer care representative will contact you to assist in resolving your problem.

Precautions to Take When Booking:
  • Consignor/Consignee Information: Make sure not to cover or overwrite the consignor or consignee information while booking. This is crucial for accurate delivery.
  • Use Sturdy Packaging: When booking, use only sturdy boxes that are in good condition. Fragile items require extra care, so choose appropriate packaging materials.
  • Weight Limit: Ensure that the weight of the packaging boxes used does not exceed the specified limit. Overweight packages can lead to issues during transportation.
  • Label Information: While booking, ensure that the labels on the boxes are clear and legible. The consignor and consignee addresses should be accurately mentioned.
  • Appropriate Box Sizes: Please use boxes of appropriate sizes based on the weight of the consignment. Using the right-sized boxes helps in safe transportation and prevents damage.

How can I track my Pavan Courier parcel?

You can track your Pavan Courier parcel by visiting the official Pavan Courier website and using the tracking feature. You’ll need the AWB/Docket/GC number provided by the courier company at the time of booking.

Where do I find my tracking number?

The tracking number is usually provided on the receipt or document you received when booking the courier. It might be labeled as AWB number, Docket number, or GC number.

What information can I get from tracking my parcel?

Tracking your parcel will provide you with real-time updates on the status of your shipment, including its current location, expected delivery date, and any intermediate transit points.

Why isn’t my tracking information updating?

Sometimes, there might be a delay in updating tracking information due to various reasons, such as the parcel being in transit, not yet scanned at a checkpoint, or technical issues. Wait for a little while and check back later for updates.

How often is the tracking information updated?

Tracking information is usually updated at key points in the parcel’s journey, such as when it’s picked up, sorted, in transit, and out for delivery. The frequency of updates depends on the courier company’s tracking system.

My tracking status shows “Out for Delivery.” What does that mean?

“Out for Delivery” means your parcel is on its way to be delivered to the final destination address. You can expect it to be delivered to you shortly.

My tracking status shows “Delivered,” but I haven’t received my parcel. What should I do?

If the tracking status shows “Delivered,” but you haven’t received your parcel, first check with family members or neighbors who might have accepted the delivery on your behalf. If you’re still unable to locate your parcel, contact Pavan Courier’s customer service for assistance.

How do I contact Pavan Courier’s customer service for tracking issues?

You can contact Pavan Courier’s customer service through the provided phone number or email address for any tracking-related concerns or issues. They will assist you in resolving your query.

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