ETrak Courier Tracking: ETrak, in collaboration with The Delivery Group, capitalizes on a widespread collection and delivery network facilitated by numerous strategically positioned depots across the UK. This network simplifies local collections and deliveries while also offering cost-effective solutions. Additionally, their Heathrow facilities function as an international hub for global deliveries and imports.

ETrak Courier Tracking Step-by-step guide

certainly! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to track your ETrak courier:

  1. Visit the ETrak Website: Open your web browser and go to the official ETrak website.
  2. Locate the Tracking Section: On the ETrak website’s homepage, look for the “Tracking” or “Track Your Shipment” section. This is typically located prominently on the main page.
  3. Enter Tracking Number: In the tracking section, you’ll find a field where you can enter your tracking number. This number is usually provided to you when you book a shipment.
  4. Input the Tracking Number: Carefully enter the tracking number associated with your shipment into the provided field. Make sure to input it accurately to avoid any errors.
  5. Click “Track” or “Search”: Once you’ve entered the tracking number, click the “Track” or “Search” button next to the input field. This will initiate the tracking process.
  6. View Shipment Status: After clicking “Track” or “Search,” the website will retrieve the tracking information for your shipment. You will be presented with the current status and location of your package.
  7. Check Details: The tracking results will provide you with details such as the latest location, estimated delivery date, and any relevant updates about the shipment’s journey.
  8. Additional Information: Depending on the courier service, you may also see additional information such as delivery attempts, customs clearance status, and more.
  9. Contact Customer Service (Optional): If you encounter any issues with tracking or if you require more detailed information about your shipment, you can contact ETrak’s customer service. They can provide assistance and updates on your shipment’s status.
  10. Save Tracking Information: If needed, you can take screenshots or jot down the tracking details for future reference.

Depot Locations:

  1. Bristol: Unit G8, Bolingbroke Way, Bristol, BS34 6FE
  2. Warrington: Unit 2, Catalina Approach, Omega South, Warrington, WA5 3UY
  3. Heathrow: ETrak Hub Heathrow (ECX Logistics), Unit 13 Central Park Estate, Staines Road, Hounslow, TW4 5DJ
  4. London: Unit 2, Admiral Hyson Ind. Est., London, SE16 3PA
  5. Luton: Unit 32, North Luton Ind. Est., Sedgewick Road, Luton, LU4 9DT
  6. Kent: Unit F2, Sheldon Way, Larkfield, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 6SE

Services Offered:

  • Delivered Duty Paid
  • Delivered Duty Unpaid
  • Denied Parties Screening
  • Hurricane
  • Import One Stop Shop
  • ZigZag Returns

ETrak collaborates with postal and parcel operators in over 220 countries, thereby offering comprehensive global reach for e-commerce sales. These alliances enable discounted rates and customized e-commerce delivery solutions tailored to individual business requirements.


Delivered Duty Paid (DDP): DDP is a shipping term where the seller assumes responsibility for collecting taxes, duties, or import fees associated with the shipment. Recipients won’t need to pay any additional charges upon customs clearance.

Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU): DDU places the responsibility of paying taxes, duties, or import fees on the buyer. Recipients are contacted for payment when the shipment reaches customs, and if fees aren’t paid, the item may be returned.

Denied Parties Screening: This validation process checks individuals, companies, or organizations to ensure they are not associated with illegal activity, preventing denied shipping rights.

Hurricane: Hurricane is a data screening partner that ensures smooth shipping processes by validating data accuracy. It performs cross-border functions, including duty and tax calculations, prohibited/restricted goods screening, and denied party screening.

The above services and processes enable ETrak to provide efficient and compliant shipping solutions, enhancing their role as a reliable courier and delivery partner.

Get in touch with ETrak

Absolutely! If you’re ready to get in touch with ETrak, you can follow these steps to initiate your first contact:

  1. Visit the ETrak Website: Go to the official ETrak website using your web browser.
  2. Locate the Contact Section: Look for the “Contact Us” or “Get in Touch” section on the website. This is where you’ll find the form to fill out.
  3. Fill in the Form: In the contact section, you’ll likely find a form that you need to fill out. The form may ask for your name, email address, phone number, and a brief message describing your inquiry.
  4. Provide Information: Carefully input your name, email address, and phone number into the respective fields. Make sure they are accurate so that ETrak can reach out to you.
  5. Compose Your Message: In the message box, type a brief but clear message outlining your reason for contacting ETrak. For example, you could inquire about a specific shipment, ask for more information about their services, or seek assistance with a tracking issue.
  6. Submit the Form: Once you’ve filled in all the required fields and composed your message, look for a “Submit” or “Send” button. Click this button to send your inquiry to ETrak.
  7. Wait for a Response: After submitting the form, ETrak’s customer service team will review your message and contact details. They will then get in touch with you via the provided phone number or email address.
  8. Alternatively, Call Them Directly: If you prefer, you can bypass the online form and directly call ETrak’s customer service at the phone number provided: 0333 0111 999.
  9. Be Ready to Provide Details: When ETrak’s team gets in touch, be prepared to provide any additional information or details they may need to assist you effectively.

Remember that communication through the form or phone call is your opportunity to ask questions, seek assistance, or gather more information about ETrak’s services. Whether you choose to use the online form or call directly, their customer service team is there to help address your inquiries.

By Puneet Singh

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