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How to do One Express Tracking? One Express How to do Courier Tracking? What is One Express’s customer care number? What is the helpline number of One Express? How to Know Consignment Status with One Express Tracking?

The full name of One Express is One Express Italia Spa, today we will know how to know the courier status from One Express Online Tracking, and will also know in detail about the company, how the company works and what the customer needs- What facility does it provide? When was One Express Company established? Where is the company’s office and how does it work?

How To Know Consignment Status With One Express Tracking

When you book your consignment, One Express gives you a document called Consignment, AWB Number, Courier Number, Lorry Receipt or Goods Receipt, Tracking Number, Docket No. or known by the shipment no.

  1. Click on one of the above links.
  2. A popup window of the One Express Courier Tracking website will open.
  3. Enter your AWB / Docket / GC Number.
  4. Fill up I am Not Robot.
  5. Click on Send.
  6. You will get to know the delivery status of your parcel/consignment.

Call Customer Care Number

For this, you have to call on the number given below and after that customer care when you have received Mobile No. , Tracking ID, Order No., LTL Shipment Number, then you have to tell and your consignment status will be known. For inquiries and feedback, call Customer Care on: Phone: +39 051.3766611 or Email:

Information about One Express

One Express does only pallet transport.

Ship by pallet, why?
It makes logistics more efficient and reliable, it reduces the risk of operational errors and damage to goods, it simplifies shipping management and it reduces costs.

One Express has developed a strong daily network for the 3 national centers of Bologna, Milan, and Naples: more than 120 branches across the country, over 900 employees, and 1,200 vehicles on the road every day. Delivery is guaranteed within 24/48/72 hours throughout Italy and 48/72 (depending on destinations) in Europe.

One Express is now a dynamic and growing business, able to guarantee “Express Palette” service coverage across Europe.

Network Covering

Company system avoids technical bottlenecks and, as a gateway, utilizes other established pallet networks with which One Express has strong partnerships to improve timeliness and speed of delivery.

And so 2012 saw the founding of ALLNET – The Alliance of Networks: a pan-European network that units One Express, Pallet Systems, Online SystemLogistics, and Palletforce, the leading businesses in the Italian, French, German and British markets, who are capable of ensuring unified standards. For distribution of pallets throughout Europe. It is an industrial-scale network covering 41 countries with 18 international centers, 347 distribution points, 28,000 employees and over 9 million pallets every year.

International Destination:

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Wales, Germany, Greece, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Hungary.

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Blocco 9.6 Interporto Bologna 40010 Bentivoglio (BO)

Additional services!
  1. Track & Trace
  2. ADR (Dangerous Goods Transport)
  3. Advance notice of delivery by telephone
  4. Pallet Unloading With Lifting Platform
  5. Delivery by appointment
  6. Upper floor distribution
  7. Hand delivery (portraise)
  8. Return original transport document
  9. Basement unloading
  10. Online proof of delivery
What is One Express’s customer care number?

Customer Care Number: +39 051.3766611

What is One Express’s Email ID?


What is the helpline number of One Express?

Helpline Number: +39 051.3766611

What is One Express Express Tracking’s number?

Tracking Number +39 051.3766611

This blog has been written only to give information about One Express Tracking, if you want complete information about the company, then you can take it from the company’s website or customer care. If there is an error in our blog, then comment us so that it can be removed or improved.

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