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Qatar Airways Cargo Tracking – Qatar Airways Cargo is a dedicated freight division of Qatar Airways, one of the world’s leading airlines based in the State of Qatar. Established in 1993, Qatar Airways Cargo has become a prominent player in the global air freight industry, offering a wide range of cargo services to businesses and individuals worldwide.

Qatar Airways Cargo Tracking- Step-By-Step Check Online

Tracking your cargo with Qatar Airways Cargo is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to track your cargo using their online tracking system:

  1. Visit the Qatar Airways Cargo Official Website: Open your web browser and go to the official Qatar Airways Cargo Tracking website. The URL is
  2. Locate the Cargo Tracking Section: On the website’s homepage, find the “Cargo Tracking” or “Track Cargo” section. This section is typically prominently displayed on the main page.
  3. Enter Your Airway Bill (AWB) Number: In the cargo tracking section, you will find a field where you can enter your Airway Bill (AWB) number. The AWB number is a unique identifier for your cargo shipment. It is usually provided to you when you book your cargo with Qatar Airways Cargo. Enter the AWB number accurately.
  4. Initiate the Tracking Process: After entering the AWB number, click the “Track” or “Submit” button. This will initiate the cargo tracking process, and you will see the real-time status of your shipment.
  5. View Cargo Details: Once you submit your AWB number, the system will retrieve and display the relevant information about your cargo. This may include details such as the current location of your cargo, the estimated delivery date, flight information, and any significant milestones during transit.
  6. Contact Customer Support (if needed): If you encounter any issues with the tracking process or have specific questions about your cargo, you can contact Qatar Airways Cargo’s customer support. They are available to assist and address any concerns you may have.
  7. Bookmark or Save the Tracking Page (optional): If you frequently use Qatar Airways Cargo’s services, consider bookmarking or saving the cargo tracking page for quick and easy access in the future.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can easily track your cargo with Qatar Airways Cargo and stay informed about its progress and delivery status. Make sure to have your AWB number ready for a seamless tracking experience.

Contact Information for Qatar Airways Cargo Tracking in Ahmedabad, India:

City: Ahmedabad, India Phone Numbers: +91 7949117800 / 805 / 806 Email Address: Company Address: 1904: A Wing, Safal Privilon, Iscon Ambli Road, 380058, INDIA Official Website:

Qatar Cargo’s Commitment to Excellence:

Qatar Airways Cargo is known for its commitment to excellence and innovation in the air freight industry. They have established a strong global network, operating a modern and diverse fleet of cargo aircraft, including Boeing 777F and Airbus A330F, connecting more than 160 destinations across six continents. This extensive network allows them to provide comprehensive air freight solutions, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of goods to virtually any destination worldwide.

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State-of-the-Art Cargo Facilities:

Qatar Airways Cargo operates from a premium cargo hub at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar. This hub is equipped with advanced technology and facilities designed to handle a wide variety of cargo, including perishables, pharmaceuticals, and high-value commodities, with precision and care. They have also invested in temperature-controlled solutions to meet the growing demand for the transportation of sensitive goods, such as medicines and perishables.

Sustainability Initiatives:

Qatar Cargo has gained a reputation for its dedication to sustainability. The company is committed to minimizing its environmental impact through initiatives like reducing carbon emissions and investing in eco-friendly technologies. This commitment to sustainability aligns with Qatar Cargo’s broader vision of responsible and environmentally conscious aviation.

Vision and Mission of Qatar Airways Cargo:

Vision: To be the world’s most respected and trusted provider of innovative solutions in their chosen industries, consistently exceeding customer expectations and leading with excellence.


  • Customer Excellence: Qatar Airways Cargo is committed to understanding and exceeding the needs of its customers. They strive to provide outstanding products and services that enhance their lives and businesses.
  • Innovation: They continuously seek new ways to innovate and drive positive change in their industries. They embrace creativity, technology, and forward-thinking to stay at the forefront of progress.
  • Sustainability: Qatar Airways Cargo is dedicated to working responsibly and minimizing its environmental impacts. Their mission is to contribute to a sustainable future for our planet and communities.
  • Employee Empowerment: They believe in the potential of their employees and provide them with opportunities for growth, development, and a safe, inclusive, and supportive workplace.
  • Integrity: They maintain the highest ethical standards in all of their actions, fostering trust and transparency with their stakeholders. They honor commitments and act with integrity and fairness.
Core Values of Qatar Airways Cargo:
  • Excellence: Qatar Airways Cargo relentlessly pursues excellence in all that they do. They strive for quality, precision, and continuous improvement in their products, services, and processes.
  • Customer-Centric: Their customers are at the heart of their business. They listen, adapt, and innovate to meet their evolving needs and expectations.
  • Integrity: Qatar Airways Cargo upholds unwavering integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct. They honor their commitments and maintain trust with all stakeholders.
  • Innovation: They foster a culture of innovation that encourages creativity, embraces change, and drives progress in their industries.
  • Sustainability: They are committed to environmental and social responsibilities, aiming to make a positive impact on the world and the communities they serve.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration and teamwork are essential to their success. They value diverse perspectives and work together to achieve their shared goals.
  • Respect: They treat all individuals with respect, dignity, and fairness, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.
Frequently Asked Questions about Qatar Airways Cargo Tracking:

How can I track my freight with Qatar Airways Cargo Tracking?

You can track your freight with Qatar Airways Cargo by visiting their official website and using their online cargo tracking tool. You will typically need your airway bill number or reference number to access the tracking information.

What is an airway bill number, and where can I find it?

An airway bill (AWB) number is a unique tracking number assigned to your cargo shipment. You can usually find it on the shipping documentation provided by Qatar Airways Cargo or the carrier. It is a crucial identifier for tracking your cargo.

How often is the tracking information updated for Qatar Airways Cargo shipments?

The tracking information for Qatar Airways Cargo shipments is regularly updated. The frequency of updates can vary depending on the stage of the shipment and its location. You can check the tracking tool for real-time updates.

What kind of information can I expect to see when tracking my cargo with Qatar Airways Cargo?

When tracking your cargo with Qatar Airways Cargo, you can expect to see information such as the current status and location of your shipment, estimated delivery times, flight details, and any significant milestones in the cargo’s journey.

What should I do if I encounter issues or discrepancies in the tracking information for my Qatar Airways Cargo shipment?

If you encounter any problems or discrepancies in the tracking information, it is advisable to contact Qatar Airways Cargo’s customer service or the appropriate cargo handling department. They can help you resolve any issues or provide further clarification regarding your shipment’s status.

In conclusion, Qatar Airways Cargo Tracking, Qatar Airways Cargo is a reliable and customer-centric air freight solution with a strong commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. Their advanced cargo facilities and extensive global network make them a top choice for businesses and individuals seeking efficient and secure cargo transportation services. Visit their official website for more information and to track your cargo shipments.

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