Vizhinjam Port A Game-Changer for Kerala's Maritime Trade (1)Vizhinjam Port A Game-Changer for Kerala's Maritime Trade (1)

Vizhinjam Port: The bustling port city of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, is about to witness a historic moment in its maritime history. On October 4, the first ship laden with cranes from China will dock at the eagerly awaited Vizhinjam Port. This milestone is a testament to Kerala’s growing prominence in the realm of logistics and trade.

Vizhinjam Port: A Grand Welcome

Kerala’s Minister for Ports, Shri Ahamed Devarkovil, announced this exciting development, revealing that Chief Minister Shri Pinarayi Vijayan and Union Minister for Ports Shri Sarbananda Sonowal will be part of a grand reception at the Adani-run Vizhinjam Port to welcome the ship. It’s not just one vessel; three more ships are set to arrive in Vizhinjam, with one expected in October and two more in November following the inaugural ship’s arrival.

A Glimpse into the Future

The Vizhinjam Port project is a monumental undertaking, with an estimated cost of Rs 7,700 crore. What makes it truly remarkable is its strategic location. Devarkovil shared that the port is anticipated to be commissioned by May of the next year, and Adani Ports Private Ltd has committed to completing all construction work by December this year. A significant achievement is the completion of 75% of the breakwater construction.

A Gateway to International Maritime Trade

What sets Vizhinjam Port apart is its unparalleled depth, providing more than 20 meters without the need for dredging. This depth, coupled with its proximity to the International Maritime Channel, makes it a crucial player in India’s maritime trade landscape. Rajesh Jha, MD, and CEO of Adani Ports Private Ltd, highlighted that this port is poised to handle all international cargo transshipment to India. It’s not just another port; it’s set to become one of the world’s largest ports.

Overcoming Challenges for Progress

The journey to Vizhinjam Port’s realization wasn’t without hurdles. Originally slated for commissioning in 2019, the project encountered delays due to various issues, primarily related to land acquisition. The local fishing community also voiced concerns, fearing adverse effects on their livelihoods. However, diligent efforts and a commitment to sustainable development have paved the way for this monumental achievement.

A Symbol of Kerala’s Ascent in Trade

On September 20, CM Vijayan will unveil the port’s logo and name in Thiruvananthapuram, marking yet another significant step towards its completion. Vizhinjam Port is a prime example of successful public-private partnership, with the Adani Group as the private partner. Once operational, it will play a pivotal role in boosting Kerala’s economy and reaffirming its place on the global maritime trade map.

Vizhinjam Port is poised to reshape Kerala’s maritime destiny, offering unparalleled depth, strategic location, and immense potential for international trade. It’s a symbol of progress, overcoming challenges, and ushering in a new era of prosperity for the state.

By Puneet Singh

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